18ct Black Opal & Diamond Pendant

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A beautiful pendant with a stunning Lightning Ridge opal which has been set in 6 claws. The opal is surrounded by 18x 0.01pt round brilliant cut diamonds which are bezel set in white gold. Made in Australia.

Lightning Ridge is a small outback town in north-western New South Wales, Australia. The mines there produce the black opal, which due to the dark body colour has a vibrant play of colour across the gemstone. The colour comes from the regular stacking of spheres of silica with voids between them creating a 3-D lattice which the the light diffracts off. Smaller spheres diffract blues whilst larger spheres give the orange and red colours. Red is the rarer and most valuable colour. Opal is a silica and as it's consists of up to about 20% water, it's important not to let it dry and out and thus why it is best kept with a glass of water if it's stored in a dry place like a safe!

Opal: 18mm x 10mm