18ct Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamond Engagement Ring

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18ct yellow gold ruby and diamond engagement ring. The ring has four African rubies set across the finger with diamonds in between each. The middle two rubies are oval in shape and measure 4mm by 3mm and the end two pear shape rubies are 3mm by 2mm and the rubies weigh approximately 0.76 carats in total. The diamonds in between are 3mm and weigh approximately 0.10 carats each and 0.30 carats in totalThe diamonds are G/H in colour (the top diamond colour is D, so G/H is near colourless) and VS in clarity (meaning a very small natural inclusion which cannot be seen with the naked eye). All the gemstones have been claw set and the setting joins a half round band.

Our engagement and wedding rings are made to order in Australia. Contact us for more information on the ethically sourced coloured gemstones we use, or about the 4 C's of diamonds: Diamond Colour, Diamond Cut, Diamond Carat Weight and Diamond Clarity. Book an appointment to design your perfect engagement ring. We can modify designs and use other colour gemstones if you prefer, such as sapphires or emeralds.

The total ruby weight is 0.76 carats and the diamond weight is 0.30 carats.