18ct White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

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18ct white gold corner claw set cushion cut Ceylonese type sapphire and princess cut diamond engagement ring. The sapphire weighs approximately 0.90ct and measures 5.4mm x 5.4mm. The princess cut diamonds on either side measure approximately 4.3mm square and they weigh approximately 1 carat in total weight. They come with a GIA certificate (Gemological Institute of America) stating that they are F in colour (D is the top diamond colour, so F is near colourless) and VS in clarity (meaning "very small" and that any natural inclusions cannot be seen with the naked eye). The three gemstones have been set across the finger and their setting joins a fine squared band. The white gold has been rhodium plated for a premium finish. 

A Ceylonese "type" sapphire means that it has been formed in the metamorphic process and they are coloured with trace minerals like titanium that give them their distinctive "cornflower blue colour". Australian sapphires are formed by a volcanic process and have more iron in their trace minerals giving them a darker inky blue colour.

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