Jay & Sea jewellery

Shop our collection of custom designs of the tropical and tribal South Pacific in our Jay & Sea range. My birth place of Papua New Guinea has mainly inspired this range in sterling silver, rose gold, white gold and yellow gold! Included are tribal masks, kundu, duk duk, Hagen axe; birds of paradise - Wilsons bird of paradise, king bird of paradise, king of saxony, greater bird of paradise, kokomo and Victoria crowned pigeon; shells; village life - piks, huts, banana tree, cus cus, tree kangaroo; sea life - nemo, lionfish, tuna, seahorse, turtle, sailfish, trigger fish, angelfish; Tropical - palms, monstera, fan palm, coconut tree, pineapple; Butterflies - ulysses, birdwing, danis danis, purple spotted swallows tail, green triangle butterfly.