The Origins of Christmas and Finding that Perfect Gift

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The Origins of Christmas and Finding that Perfect Gift

Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas was a 4th century Greek bishop who was famous for his generous gifts to the poor, in particular presenting the three impoverished daughters of a pious Christian with dowries, so they wouldn’t become prostitutes… This was the start of the tradition of bringing gifts and later Christmas presents to good children and coal or 0 to the bad ones, the classic bribe to achieve well behaved kids!

Father Christmas dates back to Henry the VIII in the 16th century and typified the spirit of good cheer at Christmas bringing “peace, joy, good food, wine and revelry”. England no longer kept the feast day of Saint Nicholas on the 6th of December but moved it to the 25th of December, coinciding with Christmas day. Christmas day celebrates the birth of Jesus and the name originates from (mass on Christ’s day). Yule, the earlier term may have originated from the German jol or Anglo Saxon geol, referring to the feast of the winter solstice. The winter solstice was celebrated as the ending or winter and resurgence of the sun, thus the rebirth of spring and summer. After the 25th was widely accepted as the date of Jesus’s birth, there was the connection between the rebirth of the sun and the birth of the son. The Victorian revival of Christmas included Father Christmas as the emblem of good cheer bringing Xmas gifts to family. It was a reminder of God’s gift of Jesus to humankind and of the gift giving three wise men.

Kris Kringle dates back to the German "Kristkindl" meaning "Christ Child", indicating the first documented use in English was around 1830. Luther and his followers introduced the idea that the “Christ-child” would secretly come on Christmas Eve bringing (Christmas) gifts to all good children and was based on Saint Nicholas. Kristkindl was modified to Kriss Kringle in the 1840s and became a popular nickname in some countries for Santa Claus.

Modern Kris Kringle or 'Secret Santa' can also be random gift giving, where within a group you are each randomly selected to give a gift to another person within the group. It is popular amongst work colleagues and families not wanting to go overboard with gifting (although I don’t recommend this at all!!!!).

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