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Diamond engagement rings have been the choice of couples around the world as a token of their everlasting love since before we can remember. And why not? Diamonds are brilliant, clear, and beautiful stones that reflect light from every angle. Choosing that Perfect Piece. The range is almost endless, with popular selections including rings with a diamond band, the halo engagement ring, the pavé diamond ring, cushion cut, princess cut diamonds, yellow diamonds and of course solitaire engagement rings..... the list goes on.  Whatever you choose, make sure that the quality of the diamond is beautiful and that it suits...

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Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas was a 4th century Greek bishop who was famous for his generous gifts to the poor, in particular presenting the three impoverished daughters of a pious Christian with dowries, so they wouldn’t become prostitutes… This was the start of the tradition of bringing gifts and later Christmas presents to good children and coal or 0 to the bad ones, the classic bribe to achieve well behaved kids! Father Christmas dates back to Henry the VIII in the 16th century and typified the spirit of good cheer at Christmas bringing “peace, joy, good food, wine and revelry”. England no...

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Pure silver contains 99.9% natural silver and 0.1% trace elements. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver (92.5%) and another hard metal (7.5%) such as copper, zinc or nickel. Silver jewellery marked with a 925 is sterling silver jewellery that has been certified to contain 92.5% silver content. Sterling silver is harder than silver and is more suitable for jewellery making. The added metals in sterling silver make it an incredibly durable material, it's even stronger than gold. In addition to its lightweight, this quality makes it an ideal choice for jewellery that will be worn daily or often. Mexico's...

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