Pyrite and lapis lazuli jewellery Facts

Pyrite and lapis lazuli jewellery Facts

The mineral pyrite, or iron pyrite, is also called fool's gold. It's metallic luster and pale brass-yellow hue resembles gold, hence the well-known nickname of fool's gold.

However, it can be easily distinguished from gold. Gold is very soft and will bend or dent with pin pressure, whereas the mineral is brittle, and thin pieces will break with pin pressure. Gold leaves a yellow streak, while pyrite's streak is greenish black. Gold also has a much higher specific gravity. A little careful testing will help you avoid the "Fool's Gold" problem.


Pyrite jewellery is typically costume and beaded jewellery. It makes an eye-catching statement, and its versatility means that it can be used in a variety of styles, from boho and hippie to high-end.

Lapis lazuli, also known simply as "lapis," is a royal blue metamorphic rock that has been used by people as a gemstone, sculpting material, pigment, and ornamental material for thousands of years. High quality lapis lazuli can be very expensive. The best quality has a rich solid deep blue colour with flecks of pyrites. Lapis without the gold flecks is known as sodalite!

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